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3 home made cleaning products to clean your house.

Low tox living is about eliminating the toxic chemicals we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. A hige source of these chemicals is of course our cleaning products used in daily life.

So if commercial cleaning products contain harmful toxic chemicals, then what can we do to eliminate these from our living situation?

We can look for alternative cleaning products that do not contain these chemicals or we can go the DIY route and make them ourselves.

Here are 3 natural cleaning product recipes that you can use in the household to eliminate toxic chemicals.

1. Scented All-Purpose Cleaner

What you'll need:

Combine the above ingredients together, pour into a spray bottle, shake, and then let infuse for a week before using. Once done, you can use the homemade all-purpose cleaner to remove hard water stains, clean trash cans, wipe away wall smudges, and much more. Besides a fresh scent, the lemon rind may help boost cleaning power. Caution: Do not use acidic cleaners on granite, as they will etch the stone and proceed cautiously on stainless steel. Some manufacturers recommend against using vinegar on their appliance surfaces.

2. Kitchen Cleaner and Deodorizer

What you'll need:

To clean kitchen counters, appliances, and the inside of your refrigerator, all you need is baking soda for this homemade kitchen cleaner. To deodorize, use the homemade baking soda solution above or pour baking soda straight from the box into your drain or garbage disposal to remove odors. To shine and remove spots from stainless steel, make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply it with a damp cloth and rub gently in the direction of the metal’s grain. Rinse and buff dry.

3. DIY Glass Cleaner

What you'll need:

This homemade cleaner will leave your windows and mirrors sparkling. Simply combine these ingredients and pour them in a spray bottle to make a homemade cleaner with ingredients you already have on hand. Not only does it do a great job cleaning but the orange essential oil gives it a pleasant natural citrus scent and the rubbing alcohol helps it evaporate quickly to minimize spots and streaks. Hint: Avoid cleaning windows on a hot, sunny day or in direct sunlight, because the solution will dry too quickly and leave lots of streaks. For mirrors, spray the solution on a paper towel or soft cloth first before wiping.

Give them a try and let me know how it goes!

Tune in tomorrow for low tox living solutions.

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