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8 Super Tasty Low Carb Salad Toppings That Will Make Your Salad Less Boring

Sick of the boring old lettuce, cucumber, tomato combo? Here are some super tasty low carb salad toppers to make your salads come alive and have you craving healthy food!

1. Pan Fried Halloumi

You don’t need to use any oil in the pan. Just slice the halloumi and lay it out on the cold pan and then add it to heat. As the cheese heats up it will start expelling some liquid. Once the liquid evaporates it will start to brown quickly. Flip the cheese and brown the other side. Once brown you can cool it and slice it to top your salad.

2. Toasted Pine Nuts

Just dry toast them in a fry pan until golden. You can throw it straight on your salad for a toasty, creamy taste.

3. Capers

These punchy salty bites will lift any boring salad without many carbs or calories for that matter. Pair with something hearty and creamy (like pine nuts) for a satisfying flavour profile.

4. Smoked Or Salted Fish

For a salty, protein rich and omega 3 packed salad lift choose anchovies, smoked salmon or smoked mackerel FTW.

5. Salted Peanuts

Weird? Just try it. Salty, creamy and adding protein to the mix, try to choose peanuts that have not been roasted in an unhealthy oil and have been dry roasted instead.

6. Olives

It's usually a love/hate relationship with these little guys. I personally love them and all of their health benefits and of course their low carbohydrate count. I like juicy kalamatas or even sometimes the stuffed green olives for a change.

7. Edamame (Soy Beans)

For a plant based protein punch, you can’t beat these little guys. Creamy and satisfying from a textural point of view, they really pack a punt in the nutrition department too. You can buy them frozen for a quick prep time. Just bring them to the boil and they’re done!

8. Avocado Oil Mayo

Store bought mayo’s are usually made with soybean, canola or other unhealthy oils which will only contribute to inflammation in your body. Switch these for a home made (5 min) version using healthy Avocado oil instead. Check out my recipe here:

Avocado Oil Mayo In Five Minutes

You will need a hand blender for this and a jar that fits the head of the hand blender inside it.

Its essential for the ingredients to go into the jar in the order of the recipe. Once all the ingredients are in the jar, pop the jar in the fridge for 2 hours so they are all cold.

When you’re ready to blend, gently put the hand blender so that the top is over the yolk of the egg. Pulse 5 times to start the emulsification and then very slowly pull the blender up through the jar until all the mayo goes thick and white (1 min).

1 egg (keep the yolk whole)

1.25 cup avocado oil (cold pressed)

1 tsp mustard

1 tsp lemon juice

Salt + pepper

And that’s it! Healthy, nutritious, low carb, healthy oil mayo. Should keep in the fridge for a week.

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