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Letting Go .

How to get the best out of what’s in your control and let go of the things that you can’t change.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “accept the things you cannot change,” though for most of us it is perhaps easier said than done. It is within our human nature to want to feel in control of our lives and our destiny even though in the back of our minds we know very well most of our life’s outcomes are completely out of our hands.

So how does one learn to find the balance between letting go, accepting what you cannot control, and taking advantage of the things you can, especially when it comes to the realm of health and fitness? In this article we will discover more about this process.

Setting Health & Fitness Goals You Can Control

In order to truly enjoy your life and experience a deep sense of psychological well-being and freedom, it is necessary to take the steps to learn to let go of the things which are just outside your control. Dwelling on them, trying to change them, or stressing about them affects your ability to enjoy the experience and the journey that is life.This is especially so when it comes to health and fitness and setting goals for yourself.

Many of us set goals that are what we call Outcome Goals.

These types of goals are the results you’d like to achieve, they are big picture goals and, for the most part, they are out of your control. Think: losing 30 pounds, building muscular shoulders, getting a 6-pack, etc. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with setting outcome goals, as they can help us stay focused and motivated on the journey, but outcome goals alone will not get us there. Smaller, stepping stone type goals are needed in order to move you, hourly,daily, weekly,closer to your outcome goals.

Sometimes called process goals or habit-based goals, these small actions are completely within your control. Habit-based goals might look like how much water you drink each day, how many veggies you put on your plate, how often you get up instead of hitting the snooze button, how many steps you take each day, etc.

Tips to Find that Balance

Be Positive

No matter if we’re talking about health and fitness or just general life outcomes, you’ve got to start seeing the positive side of things. Try not to get caught up in what’s going wrong especially if it is out of your control, or focus on the negatives as it will impact your ability to want to change the things you can. Learning to shift your focus and your mindset is a powerful tool to help ease stress as well as aid in problem solving.

Be Involved

It’s easy to throw your hands up when things feel out of control and become a passive observer of your own life. Instead try to stay involved, stay present and stay centered.

Focus on the task at hand, be mindful of your surroundings and you’ll find more clarity in the ability to differentiate between what you can and cannot control.

Be Kind...

To yourself, that is! Stop berating yourself and ditch

the negative self-talk.

You alone have the choice in

deciding the way that you speak to yourself.

Choose to lift yourself up, choose to be your own

cheerleader, not only when things are going great but

also when things are going poorly.

Letting go of things you cannot control while simultaneously learning to take advantage of the things you can is a powerful lesson not only in health and fitness but in life. Letting go can actually help you feel more in control, since you will be better equipped to focus your attention on the things that are actually within your power. Take it day by day, focus on your attitude and outlook and learn to enjoy the journey!

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