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I wrote this blog a number of years ago on THE ROOM Abu Dhabi's website ( and it still remains true. The thing I love about spinning, is that it is for everyone. With so much media time given to Indoor Cycling programs that just focus on a single type of training, people don't realise that this is a versatile, inclusive and very accessible sport.


Spinning® an excellent cardiovascular workout for everyone. It is low impact and always recommended for people with knee and lower back issues. In Spinning® you are in control the resistance of your bike. It is one of the best classes for beginners and advanced participants to work together as the intensity of the workout is in your hands. With an experienced and caring instructor, you are guaranteed a workout that will benefit your health and fitness enormously no matter what your fitness level.


I hear stories from some of my clients saying that they were afraid to take indoor cycling classes in the past because they had experienced the “Drill master” instructor. This instructor is like an army sergeant screaming at the participants to go harder constantly. Whilst the instructor should be encouraging, Spinning® encourages participants to work to their own level.

3. Spinning® is only HIIT (High intensity interval training)

These days most gyms teach predominantly HIIT indoor cycling classes but many of my clients are surprised to hear that there are many variations of class types in Spinning®. These include Strength, Endurance, Recovery and Aerobic Interval classes. Each type of class comes with its own unique set of challenges and you will soon discover your favourite type of class.


Ahhh, this old one always makes me smile. My usual response to this myth is to ask if the person has ever seen a Tour de France cyclist with bulky legs? (I’ve never had a yes to that question either). Simply put, the answer to this question has its roots in pure sports science. It's time to get a little technical: We have 2 types of muscle fibers: Fast twitch and Slow twitch. Fast twitch muscle fibers (the ones that bulk up your legs) are used and trained in very short, explosive, high resistance efforts. You will find these muscle fibres being developed in sports such as powerlifting,100m sprinting, velodrome sprinting. The training is very specific and athletes that take part in these sports train for hours and hours at this to achieve an abundance of these types of muscle fibres to help them improve at their sport.

Which brings me to slow twitch muscle fibres. These are the muscle fibres we use in endurance sports like cycling and long distance running. These are not bulky and are the ones developed in Spinning® class.

Spinning® WILL make your legs more toned as you lose the fat over the top of your muscles, Spinning® WILL improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance, and Spinning® will make you feel better and more comfortable in your body.


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