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Yields 2

Cooking Time 10 min

There is something so fun about twirling a whole load of zucchini strings around your fork and i love a dish where there's a bit of a challenge in the eating! This salad always makes me feel healthy from the inside out. A fresh, tasty but healthy bite!


2 Zucchini (large)

1 1/2 tsps Nutritional Yeast

2 tbsps Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 cup Cherry Tomatoes (halved)

1 Avocado (sliced)

1/2 cup Basil Leaves (whole or chopped)

2 tbsps Pumpkin Seeds (plus additional for garnish)

Sea Salt & Black Pepper (to taste)

1/8 tsp Chili Flakes (optional)


  1. Spiralize the zucchinis and add to a bowl. Add nutritional yeast and olive oil and toss to combine.

  2. Divide between bowls and garnish with tomatoes, avocado, and basil. Season with salt, pepper, and chili flakes if using. Garnish with pumpkin seeds and enjoy.


Getting a spiraliser. You can but these in culinary shops or you can easity get them on Amazon these days.


Calories 369

Fat 32g

Carbs 18g

Fiber 11g

Sugar 7g Protein 8g

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